There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!  Hopefully you’ll find the information is some of these articles useful and interesting!


Veterinary Q&A:Knee Problems in Dogs” – Understanding and treating knee problems in dogs

This is a great article explaining luxating patellas in dogs, symptoms, treatment options and much more!



Vet Report Gives Tips on How to Provide Salmonella Infections” 

A report in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association gives tips on how pet owners can keep themselves and their pets safe from salmonella infections.  Several pet products have been recalled in recent months due to salmonella issues and with many owners also feeding raw diets, possible salmonella infections is something any pet owner can be at risk for.

Get in the Car, Fasten your Seatbelt, That’s a Good Boy!” – Advocates urge the use of safe pet restraints during travel

More people are bringing their dogs on road trips.  Safe and proper restraints are being increasingly recommended by some animal advocates and law enforcement agencies which can reduced distracted driving that may lead to injury of both owners and pets.

For the love of your pets: Evaluating your pets condition” – Veterinarian offers tips for owners to check pets’ vitals at home

Veterinarian John Beck describes tips on how to check a dog’s or cat’s vital statistics.

A Cautionary Tail: Dog survives encounter with abandoned marijuana” – Dog narrowly survives marijuana poisoning

Here’s a story of a dog that ate some abandoned marijuana while on a hike.  Luckily this story ended well for Lily, but it does not always end well for all.

Pet owners push back against rule banning joint human-pet burial

A recent ruling by New York state’s Division of Cemeteries has some residents up in arms who want to be able to share a final resting place with their pets.

At Some Weddings Man’s Best Friend Is Man’s Best Man” – More couples make their dogs part of the wedding day

It’s becoming more common for pets to play an important role in their owner’s wedding day, so much so that some wedding planners are incorporating this into their business.