There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!

This week:

“Dogs Love of Poop Turned to Scientific Good” – Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley are now using dog’s ability to sniff out poop of certain animals to study wildlife!  They use this method as a non-invasive method to study wildlife!

“Which Breed is America’s Top Dog?” – According to the number of dogs registered each year with the American Kennel Club (AKC) the bulldog has bumped the boxer down a notch, but the lab still remains America’s number 1!  Check out this article to see where your favorite dog breed ranked!

“Young Pets Require More Than Hugs” – As spring is beginning to edge in on winter we are seeing lots of puppies and kittens.  Don’t forget that these youngsters require around the clock attention.  Puppies and kittens also needs more frequent trips to the vet for vaccines and other preventive care along with training to shape wanted behaviors.

“Nearly Mailed Puppy Paired with New Owner in Minnesota” – A puppy made the headlines when a postal worker heard noises coming from a box and saved a puppy from what likely would have been a deadly ride through the U.S. postal system!

“Earth Gets Spoils of Animal Composting” – The idea of animal composting hasn’t made it’s way to companion pets at this time, but is gaining momentum as a green alternative to disposing of road kill and other animal carcasses!