TaoBaby1Written by Richard Tao, DVM
My wife and I welcomed our baby daughter to the world last September.  Noone can prepare you enough for the big challenges and little triumphs that come with parenthood.  It can be even more challenging when new parents are faced with introducing a new baby to a household full of pets.  I feel blessed to have a tolerant and gentle adult dog and 3 cats who are equally tolerant to the squeals and babbles our 8 month old makes.  The temperament of everyone’s dogs and cats is so variable so my experience and advice may or may not work for you.  These are some of the tips and steps new parents can take in the weeks and months before arrival of baby.
  • TaoBaby3First and foremost make sure your pets are all healthy with a thorough physical assessment by your veterinarian.  All pets should be on intestinal parasite control to minimize the chance of zoonosis (diseases that can be transmitted to humans from animals).
  • Accustom your pets to any new furniture or baby gear.  Baby gear can be loud, bright, and make funny wobbly movements.  These can be startling to some pets so assembling these early on can put pets at ease.
  • Before bringing baby home have a family member bring back some articles of clothing that may carry the baby’s scent.
  • When baby comes home allow the pets to see and sniff the car seat or carrier.  Reward good behavior with plenty of treats.
  • Lastly, make sure to spend time with your pets.  After all they are part of the family!

If you have questions about pets and kids, we are here to help!