A potentially dangerous heat wave is coming our way! It’s hot for our pets too and it’s a good idea to have extra bowls of fresh water available. Remember if the ground is too hot for you to be barefoot, it’s too hot for paws.

Heat exhaustion in dogs can be an extremely emergent situation. We hear tragic stories about pets being left in poorly ventilated vehicles far too frequently, but your dog can also get overheated being left in a yard too long with inadequate shade or going on too vigorous a walk during the zenith of the day. Stay on the lookout for:

Excessive panting and drooling
Dry or sticky gums
Abnormal gum color or bruising in gums


In the event you suspect heat exhaustion in your pet, immediately find a cooler, shady place. Pour cool (not cold) water over your dog’s head and body and contact us (or an emergency clinic) ASAP!