Written by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP

The video of Max was taken several years ago, and due to our own technological advances we only recently have shared the video of Max and his 17-pound tumor.  Here’s what happened…

Max recovered beautifully.  The mass was a benign hematoma.  Over the next few days he gained energy and weight and within just a few weeks was back to his normal, beautiful self.  Max moved out of the area several years later and I had one call from the owner when his back went out – sounded like a spinal tumor, disc or other neuro issue.  I believe he died then.  He absolutely died of unrelated issues and it was at least 2 years later.  I think he was 9-10 years old when we did the surgery.  Pretty amazing!

To see the tumor birthing video, check it out on our You Tube page or on our Videos page at our website.