by Natalie Borgardt   Fireworks are a regular part of festive celebrations throughout San Luis Obispo County. However they can cause great distress for many dogs. The loud, unpredictable noises and bright lights can feel threatening and pets can react as if their very life hangs in the balance. Thankfully there are ways to help your dog keep calm and have a fear free Fourth of July.


  • Don’t wait – talk to your Veterinarian before the fireworks. They may suggest medications or supplements to help your dog relax. 
  • Create a safe room with curtains drawn to minimize light flashes. Use calming music or a white noise machine.
  • Some dogs find the presence of their human family a confidence booster during stressful situations.
  • If your dog is hiding, don’t attempt to pull them out. You can encourage them to come out with a favorite treat or toy.
  • Leave them at home. This is for your dog’s safety and to minimize further stress if they should get lost trying to find a safe space.
  • July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. Make sure your pets ID tags & microchip information are up to date, just in case.
  • If your pet needs sedatives for their safety and comfort, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get it ready for you before July 4th.