Lulu-feeling-cute-1A few years ago, Lulu’s parents told Dr. Evans that Lulu had been leaking urine since she was a year old!  They had been to 3 previous vets about the issue.  The last vet had helped diagnose bladder stones but they came to Animal Care Clinic for confirmation.  Dr. Evans very quickly diagnosed both a bladder infection and bladder stones.  Within one week Dr. Evans had surgically removed the stones and cured the infection.  Analysis of the stones revealed that a long standing bladder infection had caused the stones.  Dogs often do not show outward signs of bladder infections.  Lulu is lucky that her owner’s noticed the leaking and told us about it!  Since Lulu has some trouble with incontinence, the Animal Care Clinic doctor team has been monitoring her urine for several years.  Dr. Bisson uncovered a new infection a few months ago and has been able to cure it before any new bladder stones could develop.  Lulu is again infection free and we will keep monitoring her to be sure she stays that way!