Sienna with his owner, Liz

Say “Hi” to Sienna, one of the toughest little dogs you will ever meet! Sienna came in on an emergency after being chewed up by a big dog. He had such severe wounds that Dr. Bisson was worried that they may have penetrated into his abdominal cavity! Luckily that was not the case. Instead, he developed an infection with a resistant bacteria. On top of that, so much skin was missing that Dr. Bisson could not surgically close the wound.


Sienna and Dr. Bisson

Sienna put up with daily bandage changes and a lot of antibiotics and pain controlling medications for over a month before he was able to visit Dr. Marsolais, our board certified veterinary surgeon, for final wound closure. Sienna had 2 really cool treatments during his care: Dr Bisson used a special type of honey on her wounds to control infection and swelling; Dr. Marsolais used Velcro to help decrease tension on his surgical suture line during healing. Sienna is fully healed now with only a bit of a scar to remind him of this big event. Way to go team!