dog on scaleQ: My dog has a eating disorder, she never gets filled up? Vet said to feed her 1/4 cup of food twice a day, with green beans, but she sneaks, gets into garbage, toilet paper, baby diapers, gross, what can I do? She’s way overweight, small dog?

A: Your dog does not have an eating problem – it has a behavior problem. Getting into things is fun! Eating trash and other goodies simply tastes good! This is all normal dog behavior.

If your dog is overweight it is really important that you prevent this excessive eating. The best plan is: “Deny Access.” That means you have to keep your dog away from all this stuff. I have four pets – two can be trusted in the house when I am away and two cannot. I use crates, baby gates, dog doors, outside yards to keep the dogs away from things they shouldn’t get to. I also close bathroom doors, keep counters clear, keep all trash and other “goodies” in closed cabinets and keep clothes etc. off the floor.

Of course your dog will need something else to do when he can’t get into all these things. Be sure to provide some good interactive toys and lots of exercise! Good Luck!  -Dr. Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP