We recently saw 10 month old Sherman when he unexpectedly vomited four times after breakfast. Dr. Barber recommended x-rays of his abdomen and discovered a large amount of rocks and gravel.

His family recalled an area of loose astroturf in the backyard with gravel underneath and suspect that’s where Sherman ate the rocks. Unfortunately several of the rocks were so big they blocked his intestines, causing pain and preventing food from move through.
Due to the owner’s quick action he was assessed and Dr. Barber performed surgery the same day, removing 36 rocks. If not caught early, a blockage can result in blood loss leading to possible removal of some of the intestines. Thankfully that wasn’t the case for Sherman.

There were some rocks which had already moved into his colon and they were left to pass safely on their own. His family continued to monitor his stools over the next two days. In total, he ate over 50 rocks.

Two weeks after surgery Sherman is doing great and is getting a new and improved gravel-free backyard! In emergency cases such as Sherman’s, pet insurance can help cover these unexpected costs and lifesaving measures.