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Meet Bug

Say “hi” to Bug.  This feisty little Dachshund developed a severe infection around one of his upper canine teeth.  The infection was so severe that it eroded the bone and entered his nasal cavity!  This is called an oronasal fistula and is a common problem in Dachshunds.  Repair requires surgery – a tricky proposition in [...]

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Meet Sienna

Sienna with his owner, Liz Say “Hi” to Sienna, one of the toughest little dogs you will ever meet! Sienna came in on an emergency after being chewed up by a big dog. He had such severe wounds that Dr. Bisson was worried that they may have penetrated into his abdominal cavity! Luckily [...]

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First Aid for Dogs with Rattlesnake Bites

Written by Allie Bisson, DVM That moment you dread—it happens.  Your heart of hearts, your canine companion, is romping on the trail ahead of you, rollicking in the sunshine and wildflowers.  He stops to sniff something along the trail.  He sniffs a little too long, a little too eagerly. Then, suddenly, he jumps back; yelping [...]

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