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Meet Lulu & Bella

Lulu & Bella (wearing the citronella collar) out and about. This is Bella & Lulu acting like best friends.  This wasn’t always the case.  About a year ago, these 2 came to Dr. Evans for a behavior consultation.  Seems they were barking at visitors and on walks.  They sometimes showed aggression towards other [...]

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Meet Murphy

Murphy is a 5-year-old Shih Tzu that was adopted by his owners when his show career was over. During Murphy’s first check up at Animal Care Clinic, Dr. Evans noticed that he still had some of his baby teeth and he had a lot of dental tartar causing gum infections. A few days later, Dr. [...]

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Meet Harley

This special little guy is Harley.  We met Harley 12 years ago when he had his first puppy exam just 3 days after Christmas!  He has been a patient at ACC ever since.  In April of this year, Harley developed very severe skin lesions and also some enlarged lymph nodes.  Dr. Evans was worried that [...]

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Meet Jasmine

 We have nicknamed Jasmine “the Energizer Bunny” because she truly keeps going and going!  Jasmine was diagnosed with asthma in 2011 and then developed intestinal lymphoma in 2012.  She has been taking an oral form of chemotherapy for her intestinal cancer and it is working amazingly well.  Intestinal lymphoma is usually fatal within 6 months [...]

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Nor Cal Road-trip & New Dog Boots

Written by Jennifer Evans, DVM I just got back from a road trip through the mountains of Northern California with my 4 year old Lab, Ventana and we had a great time!   We started in Mount Shasta then drove west to the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area, and finally home by way of the Pacific Coast. [...]

Basic Manners – KSBY Local Experts Question

By Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP We have had several questions related to pet behavior on our KSBY Local Experts page.  Pet owners have concerns about barking, biting, scratching, jumping, destructive behavior, animals getting into things, basic training and boundary training.  Most of these problems stem from trying to bring an animal into our civilized homes.  [...]

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Cat and Dog Buds

Written by Jennifer Evans, DVM We ™ve all heard the saying ˜fighting like cats and dogs ™ but sometimes cats and dogs can be the best of friends!!  If raised together, dogs and cats are often great buddies; playing, sleeping and even eating together.  There is something quite profound about seeing a large pit bull [...]

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Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering can provide tremendous health benefits to your dog and cat. If you choose to breed a pet, be sure you understand the responsibilities this entails. Dogs and cats should be screened for genetic diseases and sound reproductive health before breeding. And you need to be sure you can provide good homes for [...]

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Puppies and Kittens

There may be nothing more fun than having a new puppy or kitten in your home. The doctors at Animal Care Clinic will help you be designing a customized preventative medicine plan for your new puppy or kitten. Let us help you with nutrition, vaccinations, and communicable disease decisions. We even hold puppy kindergarden classes. [...]

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