Traveling this summer?

As lovely as San Luis Obispo is, we know a lot of people are ready to move beyond last year’s staycation. Whether taking your pet with you, using a boarding facility, or having a pet sitter, there is a lot to consider when your have pets. These tips will help avoid any last minute surprises.


Prescription Refills

If your pet is on any prescription medication, check that you have enough to last until you’re back home. By law your pet’s annual health evaluation must be current in order to fill prescription medication so make sure everything is up to date. If you need a refill, request it early as some medication requests can take 24-48 hours for approval. Don’t forget about prescription diets too. Different parts of the country may have greater risk of heartworm. Be sure your pet is currently on parasite control and protected before, during, and after travel.


Check Vaccine Requirements

Boarding facilities often have different vaccination requirements, even those in the same town. If your pet needs an update, call to schedule an appointment early as it’s not uncommon during the summer months for us to be booking out several weeks.


Water, Water, Water

Access to fresh water is especially important during these how summer months. Consider bringing your own water supply and bowl to reduce risk of illness from communal water dishes when out and about.


Flying the Friendly Skies

If your pet will be travelling by plane, check with the airline for specific conditions for pet carrier size, health certificate timing, and vaccination requirements. If your pet will be in the cargo bay, it’s a good idea to schedule flights in the morning and evening when temperatures are cooler.


Check the Chip

Microchips are essential for your pet to make it home safely if they get lost. However, they only work if the registration information is current. Give us a call if you need to get a microchip for your pet or you can look up your microchip company and make sure they have your current information, including where you can be reached on vacation.