Ty-beforeMeet Ty.  In 2012, he suffered a slipped disc in his back, and he became paralyzed in both of his back legs.  For about a year and a half, he would get around by plopping his bum on the ground with his back legs thrust forwards in front of him, and sliding around.  This sounds like it might be difficult, but not for Ty!  He is one of the few dogs who loved our slippery floors–he zoomed around just bursting with energy and happiness.  

Ty afterIn February 2014, his owner, Kimberly, got him a custom-made wheelchair from Doggon Wheels, which makes custom rehab support devices for disabled animals. After a few adjustments by Dr. Natasha Lilly, who does his acupuncture, he is happier than ever! He zooms around to every place and in every direction, all at high speed.  Every time he comes into ACC, he parades around in his chair and melts hearts with his wide smile and unstoppable spirit.