photo courtesy Una Photo

Written by Marissa Greenberg, DVM 

Most of you are familiar with my canine family members, Slink and Mico, and you may have read about my reptilian family member, George, the Desert Tortoise. Now I want to introduce you to one member of my equine family and give you an insight to how I spend the majority of my time outside of Animal Care Clinic.

Shotgun is a 7-year-old American Quarter Horse, whose registered name is License To Pack Heat. I have had him for 4 years.  He is a gelding, which, for those of you who don’t know horse lingo, means that he was neutered. His red color is called sorrel. Shotgun is a friendly, curious and social horse. He loves carrots and is always looking for something to play with or chew on, much like a dog!


photo courtesy Una Photo

I ride Shotgun at least 6 days a week, usually before or after work at Animal Care Clinic. Once in a while you might catch me coming in the door to work, still in my jeans and boots! With the help of several professionals, Shotgun and I train to compete in several disciplines, including reining and reined cowhorse. These events combine speed, precise maneuvers, and show off a horse’s ability to work with cattle. Most of my free time is spent riding, training and preparing for shows. On my day off during the week, you can usually find me and Shotgun taking a lesson with a trainer. You may occasionally see my truck and trailer in Animal Care Clinic’s parking lot, as I stop in to do things on my way to or from somewhere with Shotgun in tow! This spring and summer, almost every Saturday that I wasn’t working at Animal Care Clinic, I was at a horse show in Santa Ynez. This is our 3rd year competing, and our best year yet! This year we won our first two belt buckles, a coveted prize in the disciplines I compete in. We also won several other prizes, marking it a very successful show season, and proving that hard work does pay off!