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Moving with Cats

Written by Jennifer Evans, DVM My cats have always been indoor/outdoor but I moved recently and my boys had to adapt.  We had a 6-month temporary living situation on a very busy street so they had to stay inside.  I was quite worried, they are about 3 years old and still extremely full of energy [...]

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Meet Bert

Bert is a 7-year-old Golden Retriever who is undergoing chemotherapy for a cancer called lymphoma. Bert lives most of the year in Minnesota, but he and his human family like to escape the cold! Bert got a dose of chemotherapy right before hitting the road for the trek to CA, and a few days later, [...]

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Meet Tank

Tank was lucky to have one of our amazing veterinary nurses, Lyndsey, notice that something wasn't quite right when she was emptying his anal glands. Dr. Markoff confirmed that Tank had a cancerous mass in his anal gland. He had surgery with our friends at CARE Hospital in Santa Barbara to remove it, and now [...]

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Medicinal Marijuana for Dogs?

Apparently a local radio station recently broadcast a media story about using marijuana medicinally in dogs.  There is no research in veterinary medicine on either the benefits or risks of using marijuana medicinally in dogs!  Many medications that are safe in people are very dangerous to dogs and cats.  At Animal Care Clinic we treat cases [...]

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Meet Bug

Say “hi” to Bug.  This feisty little Dachshund developed a severe infection around one of his upper canine teeth.  The infection was so severe that it eroded the bone and entered his nasal cavity!  This is called an oronasal fistula and is a common problem in Dachshunds.  Repair requires surgery – a tricky proposition in [...]

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Meet Teegan

Congratulations to Teegan – yes, that is Joan Rivers with the little Japanese Chin!  Teegan was rescued by one of our clients and came to see Dr. Tao in October.  He found a few minor problems and treated Teegan with antibiotics and ear medications.  When things were cleared up, Teegan was ready to find a [...]

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