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Foxtail Dangers are High – What You Need to Know

by Dr. Markoff   We always have troubles with foxtails (grass awns) at this time of year on the Central Coast, but things have been extremely bad this year. In just the past month, Animal Care Clinic has seen 4 dogs develop a condition called pneumothorax and require emergency surgery to remove lung lobes! Foxtails most [...]

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Beware Sticker Season!

by Bonnie Markoff    It’s Sticker Time! All the rain we have been having is making our hills and fields green – green with stickers! As the grass dries out, we are going to see various foxtails, grass awns and other “stickers” clinging to our pets and wreaking havoc! These stickers can make their way [...]

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Welcome to Foxtail Season!

Written By Allie Bisson, DVM Yesterday evening I took a gentle after-work stroll at Johnson Ranch.  The fields were full of deep purple sweet peas, yellow and lavender lupines, and . . . foxtails.  Millions of them.  Billions of them.  All gently waving in the breeze, just waiting to catch a ride on a dog [...]

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Foxtail Season has Arrived!

Written by Marissa Greenberg, DVM Spring seems to have arrived on the central coast!  We ™ve got green hills, wildflowers blooming, beautiful weather, and longer days.  With spring comes a potentially serious hazard for our four-legged friends that we call foxtails.  Foxtails are a term we use to describe the dried up prickly plant material [...]

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