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“Pistol” The Traveling Cat -or- The Unexpected Hitchhiker and Why Your Pets Should be Micro-chipped

by Natalie Borgardt   You read the warnings every year - bang the hood of your car in cold months to protect cats and other small animals who may be seeking warmth from the engine or shelter inside wheel wells. This is prudent advice, even here on California’s Central Coast. A good Samaritan found a cat [...]

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Bringing Home Baby to a Household of Pets

Written by Richard Tao, DVM My wife and I welcomed our baby daughter to the world last September.  Noone can prepare you enough for the big challenges and little triumphs that come with parenthood.  It can be even more challenging when new parents are faced with introducing a new baby to a household full of [...]

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Featured Employee of the Month: Travis Morris

Travis joined the veterinary nursing team in July 2008 and is a native of San Luis Obispo.  Travis has an interest in reptiles and currently his pets include 1 dog, 2 cats and 1 tortoise. He enjoys practicing martial arts, such as Kendo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. He also loves to play with his son [...]

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Another Reason to Spay Your Dog

Written by Jennifer Evans, DVM Here in San Luis Obispo, the majority of dogs are spayed and neutered, but pets that aren’t have their own particular problems.  Female dogs that have not been spayed can develop an infection in their uterus called pyometra. Essentially the uterus becomes a large bag of pus in their abdomen [...]

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First Aid for Dogs with Rattlesnake Bites

Written by Allie Bisson, DVM That moment you dread—it happens.  Your heart of hearts, your canine companion, is romping on the trail ahead of you, rollicking in the sunshine and wildflowers.  He stops to sniff something along the trail.  He sniffs a little too long, a little too eagerly. Then, suddenly, he jumps back; yelping [...]

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Featured Employee of the Month: Julie Belmonte

Julie is our Ancillary Services Manager, basically meaning that she works in the lodge keeping our dog and cat guests happy. She grew up in La Crescenta, California and studied Biology at Portland State University. Julie came to Animal Care Clinic in February 2001 and now lives in Templeton very happily, with her wonderful husband, [...]

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Rattlesnake Bites in Dogs and Cats (Yes, Rattlesnakes Are Here in San Luis Obispo!)

Written by Allie Bisson, DVM A few weeks ago, I was taking a little post-work stroll at Johnson Ranch.  I came around the corner just in time to see my little terrier dog sniff something at the side of the trail, and then jump away quickly. I peered into the sagebrush to see what was [...]

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Written By Marissa Greenberg, DVM This week is Dog Bite Prevention Week. In honor of it, I wanted to share a story. Many of you know Julie Belmonte (formerly Julie Wilson) who is our lodge manager. She had a dog named Speedo, a normally, very sweet, wonderful dog. One day, he bit her daughter, who [...]

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Welcome to Foxtail Season!

Written By Allie Bisson, DVM Yesterday evening I took a gentle after-work stroll at Johnson Ranch.  The fields were full of deep purple sweet peas, yellow and lavender lupines, and . . . foxtails.  Millions of them.  Billions of them.  All gently waving in the breeze, just waiting to catch a ride on a dog [...]

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Featured Employee of the Month: Natalie Borgardt

Natalie has been with Animal Care Clinic as a part of the Customer Service team since January of 2012. Originally from Fresno, Natalie is a California native, though she has also previously lived in New Hampshire and Washington states. She most enjoys spending time with her two children. Currently, a rosy boa snake named Stripes [...]

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