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“Layla” The One-Eyed Wonder Dog

By: Marissa Greenberg, DVM In my 10+ year career, I’ve had a lot of patients that hold a special place in my heart-either due to their endearing personalities, amazing owners, braveness through illness, or inspiring perseverance to defy all odds. But none could come close to the topping the list and embracing all of these [...]

Meet Minnie

Written By Marissa Greenberg, DVM If you’ve followed our articles for a while, you might remember being introduced to my horse, Shotgun, last year. Though Shotgun was a great horse, and I learned a lot, and did very well showing him, in March of this year, I made the difficult decision to sell him. This [...]

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Time To Say Goodbye: In Memory Of Slink Part II

Written By Marissa Greenberg, DVMA good friend and fellow veterinarian gave me some advice to write down my memories of Slink. I thought that sharing them with those who have been reading about her over the years seemed like an appropriate tribute to her life and death. In a way, it’s like a eulogy.My first [...]

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Moving with Cats

Written by Jennifer Evans, DVM My cats have always been indoor/outdoor but I moved recently and my boys had to adapt.  We had a 6-month temporary living situation on a very busy street so they had to stay inside.  I was quite worried, they are about 3 years old and still extremely full of energy [...]

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Meet Teegan

Congratulations to Teegan – yes, that is Joan Rivers with the little Japanese Chin!  Teegan was rescued by one of our clients and came to see Dr. Tao in October.  He found a few minor problems and treated Teegan with antibiotics and ear medications.  When things were cleared up, Teegan was ready to find a [...]

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