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Meet Minnie

Written By Marissa Greenberg, DVM If you’ve followed our articles for a while, you might remember being introduced to my horse, Shotgun, last year. Though Shotgun was a great horse, and I learned a lot, and did very well showing him, in March of this year, I made the difficult decision to sell him. This [...]

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Time To Say Goodbye: In Memory Of Slink Part II

Written By Marissa Greenberg, DVMA good friend and fellow veterinarian gave me some advice to write down my memories of Slink. I thought that sharing them with those who have been reading about her over the years seemed like an appropriate tribute to her life and death. In a way, it’s like a eulogy.My first [...]

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Moving with Cats

Written by Jennifer Evans, DVM My cats have always been indoor/outdoor but I moved recently and my boys had to adapt.  We had a 6-month temporary living situation on a very busy street so they had to stay inside.  I was quite worried, they are about 3 years old and still extremely full of energy [...]

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Meet Teegan

Congratulations to Teegan – yes, that is Joan Rivers with the little Japanese Chin!  Teegan was rescued by one of our clients and came to see Dr. Tao in October.  He found a few minor problems and treated Teegan with antibiotics and ear medications.  When things were cleared up, Teegan was ready to find a [...]

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Meet Lulu & Bella

Lulu & Bella (wearing the citronella collar) out and about. This is Bella & Lulu acting like best friends.  This wasn’t always the case.  About a year ago, these 2 came to Dr. Evans for a behavior consultation.  Seems they were barking at visitors and on walks.  They sometimes showed aggression towards other [...]

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